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Choosing Bathroom Fixtures



Design your bathroom smarter: to create a beautiful, organized space

by Helen Davies


A messy bathroom can be an unappealing and dispiriting place to spend time. If you’re hoping to create a beautiful and uplifting bathroom space, dealing with your storage issues is often the best place to start. Choosing the right bathroom cabinets is important. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs and with a choice of open shelving, cupboards and drawers on offer, you can choose a combination of storage styles to suit both your needs and your aesthetic preferences.

To create the maximum storage space possible in a small bathroom, think about using a tall cabinet or two. These look quite striking because of their height, so choose a style you really like; you’ll find they’re as practical as they are good looking when you discover how much storage capacity can be gained from such a small area of floor space! For optimum practicality, keep your infrequent use items tucked away at the top or bottom of the cabinet, and store regular use products where you can reach them easily, in the middle.

 More spacious below basin storage is available if you opt for one of a range of vanity units: there’s plenty of room beneath your bathroom sink to store plenty of bulky bathroom necessities.  Simple, wall hung medicine cabinets and corner cabinets, meanwhile, are great for storing smaller items that your may prefer to keep out of the reach of children’s curious fingers.

 When you’re buying new bathroom furniture, remember that although looks are important, it’s more important that you choose storage that’ll be easy for you to use and maintain. So opt for the style of storage space that will make the most sense for you: open shelving for decorative and daily use items; drawers for smaller items and easy access to everything; large cupboards for bulk packs of toilet rolls and bulk buys of soap and shampoo.

 Think about the kind of storage space you’ll remember to use and find easy to keep tidy, plan your layout in a way that will work for you, and be prepared to shop around to get a good price on the cabinets that will be right for your bathroom. Most importantly, however, don’t allow any item’s looks, bargain prices, or a salesperson’s spiel tempt you into buying something that won’t work in your home.


Helen Davies is a bathroom designer and writer with ten years experience. She’s currently working at Better Bathrooms, a UK company in (you guessed it) the bathroom trade. She has recently written content for UK based interiors magazines such as Real Homes, Homebuilding & Renovations and Period Living and has started her own interiors blog, too. Helen says “It’s great to be paid to do something I love and would do anyway!”

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