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Born Organized?

Where do get organizing skills? 

I’ve always wondered- are people born with the organizing gene or does a person’s environment affect their ability to organize? I guess I’m still on the fence about this, but I think about it often. All of us can think of a friend or family member who is super organized and never skips a beat. In the same thought, we can think of a messy coworker or neighbor. The same occurs in our families. How can the first born child be a neat nik and his sibling not? 



From the environment: 

I always question this notion because my sister was a messy slob until her mid twenties. It wasn’t until she rented her own apartment and bought her own house that she really was organized. I’m not revealing anything she wouldn’t admit herself but I would have never guessed one day she’d be organized and care about organization. I give my mom the credit. She taught her organizing skills. I also think about some clients I’ve organized with. Once they understand a system, solution or organizing idea, they’re off and running. It changes their habits, patterns, and instantly improves their situation, not only short term but long term too. Consider the type of home or environment you grew up in? How does it affect your views on organization? 

From Birth:

Then there are people who are naturally organized. They can figure out what works for them and what system helps them be productive. They might be able to throw something out or donate something in the blink of an eye. I also see this frequently in kids rooms. Some are neat as a pin and love to organize with a professional organizer. They want everything lined up just perfectly. Even my two year old neice is one such example. You don’t even have to ask her to put toys away after playing. She does it automatically. She wants everything in it’s place. 

So which is it? Is someone organized because he or she was born that way? Or does a child learn or not learn organization skills based on their environment? 



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