Home Office Organization in Denver CO

Work more efficiently with an organized office!

Do you work remotely from home? Is paper landing several rooms of the house because you work all over the house? Let us corral it into one area and set you up to minimize distractions as you work from home. Office organization will improve your focus and productivity. 

Do you run a home-based business? If so, Amber would love to organize it. She runs three small businesses from her home office. Organizing a home office is her specialty. Efficiency and slick systems are a must in organizing a home office! 

Do you want to track your family’s bills, medical records, taxes and general paperwork? We can help you go paperless and make a more streamlined, simple home office.   

Whether you have a designated home office or work from your dining room or kitchen table we would love to help you organize it!  

Home office organization services:

Mail Management- we implement strategies to help you reduce the mail coming into the home and process important tasks that get buried in piles of mail.  

Filing Systems- although filing systems aren’t as elaborate as in the past, we set you up or update your current system with a simple, small filing system that will help store and quickly retrieve vital documents and tax records.  

Daily Task Paperwork- stay on top of home projects, forms and other paperwork that requires an action. We set up steps to help you stay on top of things that have to get done.

Tax Preparation- each spring we assist customers in collecting all necessary documents for tax returns and purge out files to start the new year over.  

Bill Payment- we help set up auto pay, organize user names and passwords for relevant websites and online bill pay through your bank.

Tracking Spending-  Amber organizes your personal finances by setting up Quicken software or Mint.com to track family or individual spending and income.    



  • Home Organizing

    We sort, declutter and organize any part of your home by including you in the process to teach organizing skills, create effective systems and provide home organization solutions.

  • Unpacking and Relocations

    Our packing and unpacking services reduce stress during your move. We can streamline, downsize and pack you before you move or get you settled in quickly by unpacking all your boxes.

  • Home Office Organizing

    If you work from home or keep track of your family’s paperwork, you will benefit from our home office organization services. We tackle daily paperwork, mail, memorabilia, and filing systems.

  • Financial Organizing

    We assist busy families and single parents organize finances and track spending. We can help you set up autopay, enable paperless settings, track your spending, and implement a budget with our personal financial services.

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