Professional Organizing Services, Chicago IL

Home Organizing

We provide personal one on one organizing for any area of your home. You work alongside us making decisions, learning skills, and collaborating with our ideas to leave you with the results you want. No space or project is too small or too great. We’ve seen it all– stacks of mail, overcrowded kitchen countertops & cabinets, messy family/living rooms, neglected home offices, non-useable bedrooms, stuffed closets & attics, non-functional garages, basements and hordes of toys. After taking you through a step by step organizing process, you are left with systems and solutions that should help you maintain organization. That is our number one goal!


Home Office Organizing

Paper clutter in homes and home offices is still one of the top reasons why home owners reach out to us for help. Busy families, single parents and individual working professionals get overwhelmed with poor mail systems, bill paying, school paper & memorabilia, filing systems and getting their taxes done on time. We help set up several components to a well-organized and highly functioning home office. 


Our personal money management services offer busy families, single parents and working individuals solutions to organize any area of their finances. By using Quicken software or Mint, we are able to track spending, pay bills, organize finances, and monitor accounts. We avoid surprises, late fees, missed deadlines and bad credit scores by staying on top of all areas of your finances. You pick which service(s) you need most and Amber completes that service with you and for you. Knowing how your money is being spent and what accounts are being used, allows you to make important financial decisions for the future and be confident that your finances are safe and organized. 


Unpacking & Relocation Services

Moving? Whether you need help downsizing and purging and packing before moving OR unpacking once you are in your new place, our professional organizers can help. You can book one organizer or a team of organizers to come in during any point of the move. 

Why take with things you don’t need or want in your new home? We assist families in downsizing and culling out those things before you pack up and move. If you have a few rooms that need purging or a whole house, we’re up for the job! Then after the moving truck has left, we come in to unpack you in about 1-3 days, depending on the size of your home. Relocating can be stressful and overwhelming so our team of organizers help ease the burden by getting you unpacked quickly and efficiently. 




  • Home Organizing

    We transform and declutter any part of your home, condo, or apartment by working with you to create effective systems and organizing solutions. All areas of your home: closets, kitchens, paper, basements, garages, toys, and bedrooms can be organized.

  • Unpacking and Relocations

    Our packing and unpacking services reduce stress during your move. We can get your things streamlined, downsized and packed before you move and/or get you settled quickly by unpacking all your boxes once you are in your new home.

  • Home Office Organizing

    If you work from home or keep track of your family’s paperwork, you will benefit from our home office organizing systems and solutions. We tackle daily paperwork, bills, memorabilia, photos, home renovation projects, and filing systems.

  • Financial Organizing

    We assist busy families and single parents organize finances and track spending. We can help you pay bills on time, set up autopay and paperless settings, track your spending in software, and even implement a budget.

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