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City Living: Big Outdoors, Small Indoors

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In contrast to the towering skyscrapers, any metropolitan city is a land of smaller interior living spaces. A typical older apartment or condo building is divided into many boxy rooms connected by tight doorways and long narrow hallways; the more modern open-concept is far less commonly found. Kitchens are often tight and usually separated from the rooms meant for social gathering and relaxing. Doorways are small and hallways are long and narrow. And let’s not forget the closets. Historic homes always lack closet space resembling skinny boxes with plaster walls. Staying clutter-free and organized in these historic spaces is a…

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Knowing The Right Items Save Time!

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Nearly everyone I meet enjoys going to The Container Store to feel the sense of organization and to see all the neat gadgets and ideas on display. I must admit, I am a sucker for the store myself. Everything has its place, neatly labeled or perfectly itemized and stored-the complete opposite of most of our homes. Unfortunately, those same people I meet find it overwhelming and difficult to know exactly what you need, how you would use it, and what would work in your particular space back at home. Sometimes we, including myself, overspend because something might fit at the…

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Falling in Love with a Disorganized Guy

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Before you keep reading, I have a disclaimer: I love my husband. My husband gave me full permission to share this with all of you. Now, enjoy the article and hope it brings smile to your face. If you’re falling in love with a disorganized guy, don’t be worried. Four years ago, that was me. Yes, a Certified Professional Organizer falls in love with a messy bachelor. Opposites do attract and make for sometimes, one tough marriage… but with respect, flexibility, and true appreciation for your partner, you can achieve organizational success in your relationship. I know this from firsthand experience. On our…

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