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Organizing Tips for Earth Day

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How small changes at home reduce your footprint on our earth Much of the recycling and earth conscientiousness I practice has come from watching my clients. You all teach me more than you think! I’m proud to see so many families throughout Chicago recycling and being mindful of small steps that make a huge difference over time. Here are a few ideas. How many of these do you already practice, and which ones could you add to your day? Use a water bottle instead of buying plastic cases of water. Use a cloth napkin at dinner time instead of buying…

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Tips to Prepare for the Holidays

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How to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays: 12 Organizing Tips of Christmas Reduce the number of collections or knick-knacks you have displayed. This will make room for fresh flowers, holiday décor, and platters of food to entertain family and friends. The less that’s displayed, the less cluttered your home will look for the holidays. As you bring out décor for specific holidays, pack your regular every day knick-knacks and décor into the holiday box. When you put holiday decor away, you can put back the everyday décor. This makes for an easy swap. Plan ahead. Decide on menus, reservations,…

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A New Year. A New Start.

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Is your goal to be more organized in 2019? The pillars of organization are decision-making and consistency.  Your current state of organization, satisfactory or lacking, is a direct reflection of what you decide to do and how consistently you do it.  Period. Consider your keys.  You probably find your keys easily when you need them.  Why?  Because you recognize that keys are vital.  You have a special place for them and you put them there every single time you walk through the door.  You probably hardly think about it. But that good habit didn’t just happen.  At some point you…

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Christmas Blues

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Cleaning up the Aftermath The massive holiday we plan for in excess of a month or so, has come and gone. We can all breathe deeply and kick our feet up. Or can we? Now the house is a mess. Decorations are still up.  Opened Christmas gifts sit under the tree or piled in the corners. Tins of cookies and chocolates are stacked on the kitchen countertops and all of us, including myself, just want to rest and enjoy our time off with family. So what’s the strategy or plan of attack? That’s a good question. We don’t need to…

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