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The Life Cycle of Paper

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Accumulating Paper and Letting it Go Much like other things in life. Paper has a life cycle. It isn’t meant to stay permanently, and it does have a specific job for a short amount of time. When we treat paper as a keepsake or an antique piece of furniture that we won’t part with, it poses a problem. So let’s take a look at the cycle a little in detail. Beginning of the Cycle- Paper arrives. It comes through the mail, through our computer (hitting the print button too often), through backpacks, through purses and briefcases. We are the culprits….

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10 Tips to Organizing Your Work Cubicle

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Sometimes cubicles and office nooks at work start to feel like a cave and a deep dark abyss of paper. Take notice of the current state of your cubicle and follow these office organization tips to start seeing a difference. Once you’ve put some new ideas into practice show off your hard work! I’m sure your coworkers will be jealous! Put away projects you are not currently working on. The more left out, the less space for what’s important right now. Yes, you might be “visual” but all of what you need to be reminded of doesn’t have to be…

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