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    Falling in Love with a Disorganized Guy

    Before you keep reading, I have a disclaimer: I love my husband. My husband gave me full permission to share this with all of you. Now, enjoy the article and hope it brings smile to your face. If you’re falling in love with a disorganized guy, don’t be worried. Four years ago, that was me. Yes, a Certified Professional Organizer falls in love with a messy bachelor. Opposites do attract and make for sometimes, one tough marriage… but with respect, flexibility, and true appreciation for your partner, you can achieve organizational success in your relationship. I know this from firsthand experience. On our…

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    A New Year. A New Start.

    Is your goal to be more organized in 2019? The pillars of organization are decision-making and consistency.  Your current state of organization, satisfactory or lacking, is a direct reflection of what you decide to do and how consistently you do it.  Period. Consider your keys.  You probably find your keys easily when you need them.  Why?  Because you recognize that keys are vital.  You have a special place for them and you put them there every single time you walk through the door.  You probably hardly think about it. But that good habit didn’t just happen.  At some point you…

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    Christmas Blues

    Cleaning up the Aftermath The massive holiday we plan for in excess of a month or so, has come and gone. We can all breathe deeply and kick our feet up. Or can we? Now the house is a mess. Decorations are still up.  Opened Christmas gifts sit under the tree or piled in the corners. Tins of cookies and chocolates are stacked on the kitchen countertops and all of us, including myself, just want to rest and enjoy our time off with family. So what’s the strategy or plan of attack? That’s a good question. We don’t need to…

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    Living with a Messy Spouse

    Live with Mr. or Mrs. Messy?  Having married a messy, I know this first hand. (I got permission to say that) One habit my husband is slowly breaking is dropping his socks all over the house. I find them by the front door, next to the couch, on the steps and it drive me bonkers! Instead, I asked him politely if he could stop. He said he’d try. Next time I saw socks laying by the front door I left them there and came up with a plan. After dinner, I grabbed his hand in the kitchen and said , “You’ve…

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    Organizing Principles

    Key Principles To Follow While Organizing Set realistic attainable organizing goals- how long was the clutter allowed to pile up? For some, it was years. You can’t organize year’s worth of clutter in one day. So, work on reducing the clutter space by space or room by room. Remember finish one space completely before jumping onto the next. You’ll quickly get overwhelmed if you don’t. Be conscious of your daily habits. In order to maintain a clear space, there has to be daily toss time and daily “put things away” time. This doesn’t have to take hours- 15 minutes max….

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    Ten Quick Tips To Organize Your Home

    How to Conquer Your Clutter Don’t sweat the small stuff. Typically piles on top of desks and dressers or nightstands are small insignificant items. Toss most of it and put away what is worth keeping. If you are having trouble getting rid of things, count up the number of items you have – 15 table cloths, 10 black sweaters, 4 can openers, and 6 glue guns. Then reduce the amount you have by one third or one half. This approach is logical and mathematical. Some people find it a lot easier to make decisions this way. Clean out your wallet…

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    Moving and Packing Tips

    How to Make Your Moving Process Simple Packing and Moving Out Remove the clutter, downsize, edit before packing. I can’t emphasize it enough- don’t bring things you don’t use or like to your next home. It will save you packing time and energy while unpacking. Return misplaced items to the room or space they belong before you pack. It can be very frustrating to unpack boxes with random things tossed in from 3 to 4 different spaces. You don’t have to organize everything perfectly before packing, just returned misplaced items to their proper homes. Start early and pack one up…

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    Planning & Running Your Garage Sale

    How to make a garage sale profitable and successful Ever tried selling your stuff by having a garage sale? If you haven’t and really want to try it or if you’ve tried but the sale failed, read on to find out what makes a garage sale successful. Without planning and preparation, your first garage might soon be called your last. Yes, you can actually make money but you must put time and effort into the sale. So, if you don’t have a full weekend to devote to the sale or if you don’t have help from your family or friends,…

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    Organizing the Garage

    Step by Step Tips to Clean out the Garage Start by setting aside a full day on your calendar to tackle the garage. Whichever family members have stuff in the garage, enlist and insist on their help. They must be present. Shop or schedule ahead of time to be prepared. Get garbage bags, boxes, or a dumpster, if necessary, so you’re ready for the major purge. Dress the part. The morning of, wear good gym shoes and clothes that can get a little dirty. Wear work gloves if you have them. Start sorting in your driveway, apron, or yard. Drag…

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    Clearing Kitchen Countertops

    Keeping your countertops clutter free! Kitchens that integrate or overlook the family room are prone to be a dumping ground and fill up with clutter. It’s common for mail, keys, fruit, shopping bags, and miscellaneous stuff to fill countertops and kitchen tables. A kitchen is the main hub for most families and will always tend to collect clutter quickly. How can we prevent it from becoming a mess and being catch all area? We can stay on top of this space by having a plan and system that’s easy to maintain. These organizing tips will steer you in the right…

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