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Any new mom or dad can testify with the reality of having to add space in a kitchen for kids. Several expecting moms and dads ask us to help them create a space for bottles, baby food, snacks and bibs. As kids become toddlers and preschool age, parents usually want them to help themselves to plates, bowls and cups. We strategize to make these items accessible to kids so they can help themselves and be engaged in the kitchen space. Look for wasted space in your cabinets and items you never use. Start with removing those. You could also consider cutting back the amount of food you buy. For example, buy two boxes of cereal at a time, instead of five. Buy five cans of soup instead of a dozen. Dumping old tea and old spices also is a simple solution. Tea boxes and spices usually sit around too long and don’t get used up fast enough before expiring. 
Several homes are outfitted with common place wire closet shelves and not all customers can upgrade to wood, custom closets. I’ve found that if you can’t afford a new walk in closet, consider adding bells and whistles by adding organizing products to maximize the efficiency of your current closet structure. A few adjustments seen here in this video can make a big difference. Measure and create a shopping list before you shop online or at your nearest home store. 
The power of a well-organized home office equips families to save time, work productively and operate as an organized family. Keeping school work, medical records, bills, and house paperwork organized and easily retrievable will reduce stress and help busy parents stay on top of things.  This video points out key areas to focus on and tackle. Focus on creating zones in the home office so that family members know where to put things back and where to find things they are looking for. 
Organizing kitchen cabinets is way more strategic than you think. Layout and use of cabinets is extremely important and once they are adjusted you will undoubtedly notice the difference. We spend most of our time in this room of the house so why not invest in good systems and strategy? It will always pay off. I’ve never had a customer not appreciate their kitchen getting organized. 
 Homeowners love pantries. They add so much extra space and options for storage. Determine how you will use your pantry. Give it purpose. Some families choose only food. Some families choose small kitchen appliances or serving pieces. Whatever you decide, keep it organized and benefit from this extra storage.  
                                                                                                Organizing a bathroom is typically about using the right organizing products to clearly define storage for different product types. My biggest tip for organizing bathroom cabinets is to sort all products as if you’d be standing in a Walgreens store. Each category needs its’ own space, container or drawer. It is your job to containerize the category and label it if possible. Be careful not to store excess amounts and products you no longer use or are expired. Clean out drawers and cabinets once if not twice a year.  


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